LeBron James is set to return to the remade Lakers, according to a major health update.


LeBron James is set to return to the remade Lakers, according to a major health update.

On Wednesday, LeBron James expressed hope about his potential return to an NBA court on Friday against the Celtics, telling ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, “I hope.”

James is returning from a two-week layoff due to an abdominal strain, and his chances of returning to the court are “50-50,” according to McMenamin’s source.

“He’s still day-to-day,” coach Frank Vogel said.

There hasn’t been any decision.”

When asked if Friday in Boston would be the day he returned to the lineup, LeBron James said, “I hope, I hope.”

November 18, 2021, — Dave McMenamin (@mcten)

If you’re a Lakers fan, you’ll gladly accept the offer.

When we last saw James on the court, the Lakers were 5-3, but they are now 3-5 without him.

That’s despite a relatively easy and home-heavy schedule, and while it’s easy to blame James for the Lakers’ recent struggles, it’s worth remembering that the Lakers were struggling even when James was healthy.

However, there may have been enough changes within the Lakers during James’ absence to give some hope that things will improve once he returns.

Anthony Davis is finally starting at center for the Lakers.

For one thing, the Lakers have finally admitted that without DeAndre Jordan in the starting lineup, they are a better team.

Vogel seemed set on forcing his team into a two-big lineup to start the season, with Anthony Davis at power forward and Jordan at center.

As a result, opponents could take advantage of the Lakers’ defensive sluggishness and Jordan’s offensive tendency to clog the paint.

Vogel ditched that strategy four games ago and has been starting Davis at center, with Carmelo Anthony filling in at power forward off the bench.

Vogel also re-signed third-year guard Talen Horton-Tucker and wisely benched Kent Bazemore in favor of THT.

The Lakers now have more athleticism and versatility on the wings, which Bazemore lacked.

In Wednesday’s loss to Milwaukee, Horton-Tucker had 25 points and 12 rebounds.

When James returns, Vogel would not commit to keeping Horton-Tucker in the starting lineup, but we should have faith…

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