Nicole Franzel Admits to a Month of COVID-19 Symptoms


Nicole Franzel reveals she had COVID-19 symptoms for a month before she was diagnosed.

Nicole Franzel, the winner of Big Brother 18′′, shared her family’s experience with COVID-19 on her Instagram story on November 15th.

Nicole had previously expressed her illness on social media, but this was the first time she revealed that she and her husband, fellow “Big Brother” alum Victor Arroyo, had both tested positive for COVID-19.

She also revealed that she and her parents had been sick for the past month.

Nicole claims to be feeling better, but Victor is “10x” sicker than she is.

Victor “Arrow” Arroyo, their infant son, hasn’t even been allowed to hold him.

Despite his parents’ battle with COVID-19, baby Arrow, who was born on July 23, has remained healthy.

Nicole and Victor have been forced to sleep with a barrier between them.

Visit Instagram to see this photo.

Nicole Franzel-Arroyo (@coconuts_) shared an article.

Franzel shared a diagram on Instagram, illustrating how she and Victor have been sleeping separately to keep baby Arrow safe.

Victor sleeps in their king-size bed on one side of a pillow wall.

Nicole, on the other hand, sleeps with the couple’s two dogs, Paris and Beyonce, as well as their baby Arrow.

Nicole wrote on the diagram, “I was literally hanging off the bed, but I didn’t want to disturb my three babies, so I lay there wide awake.”

“Don’t make me feel bad about holding Arrow on the bed,” she wrote, noting that there is a bassinet next to the bed for when Arrow is done nursing.

Despite the fact that Victor was still sick, Nicole took to Instagram to express her gratitude for feeling better.

“Hoping we’ll all be healthy by Thanksgiving,” she captioned the photo.

She also included a note about spending less time on her phone and more time with her family.

“I’m working on not getting caught up in the little things that don’t matter.”

Spending time with my family is something I will never regret, but spending time on my phone is.

I’m also going to read more.

I placed an order for books as well as a nightlight.

I’m also going to wear my clothes a lot more and buy a lot less in the future.

“And don’t wear any makeup at all,” the new mother wrote.

Nicole and Victor Have Just Purchased Their First Home

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