On a disappointing season, a Knicks star is brutally honest.


On a Disappointing Season, a Knicks Star Is Brutally Honest

The New York Knicks are struggling after a strong start to the season, and they could drop to.500 depending on the outcome of their next game.

Following an encouraging opening night game against the Boston Celtics, in which the team appeared to be clicking on all cylinders, the starting lineup has been disastrous game after game.

The starters are struggling to stay in the game, but the bench comes in and the team comes alive.

Head coach Tom Thibodeau has been adamant about his lineup thus far, and he has acknowledged that he may have to make changes soon.

After another loss to the Orlando Magic, star forward Julius Randle opened up to reporters and admitted that the season has been difficult.

Randle Makes a Statement

Julius Randle, how would you rate his performance this season?

“It hasn’t been great… I think that’s how the season has gone.”

There have been good days and bad days” rcqkzWo8ua pic.twitter.com

November 18, 2021 — Knicks Videos (@sny_knicks)

It should come as no surprise that the Knicks lost after Randle shot the ball 11 times, 10 of which were three-pointers.

When asked about the team’s performance this season, he was forthright.

He began, “It hasn’t been great.”

“A lot of this is about finding each other’s rhythm.”

I believe the season has gone exactly as planned.

There have been good days and bad days.

Right now, that’s pretty much who we are.

We’re not yet a consistent basketball team, but we’ll get there.”

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what the problem is, but it’s clear that the starting lineup isn’t performing as well as the team had hoped.

Kemba Walker is averaging just 12 points per game, which is the lowest he’s scored since his rookie season.

Injuries defined his time in Boston, so this could be his new normal.

Walker’s teammate Evan Fournier is averaging the same number of points as Walker, despite having his worst shooting start of his career.

These new additions haven’t quite worked out the way the Knicks had hoped, but there’s still time.

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