The Warriors’ head coach explains why the top rookie reminds him of Kawhi Leonard.


The Warriors’ head coach explains why the top rookie reminds him of Kawhi Leonard.

Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, has a lofty comparison for the team’s top rookie.

Jonathan Kuminga, a lottery pick, has progressed slowly, splitting time between Golden State and the G League Santa Cruz Warriors, and only recently breaking into the regular rotation.

Kerr doesn’t seem concerned about the 19-year-old’s slow start, believing that he could be on the same path that led to Kawhi Leonard’s stardom.

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Kuminga, according to Kerr, has a bright future.

Kerr said Kuminga’s situation reminds him a lot of Leonard’s first few years in the league when speaking to reporters this week.

With Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker, the San Antonio Spurs didn’t have to rush Leonard’s development and could take his time.

Leonard was the fourth or fifth option and averaged around 10 points per night during those years, according to Kerr, laying the groundwork for the player he would later become.

Kerr believes Kuminga will be able to follow in the footsteps of Curry and Green for the time being as he adjusts to the game.

Kerr told Anthony Slater of The Athletic, “He’s not the focal point, but he can be a part of it without having to shoulder the responsibility of all of the decision-making.”

“Then, when it’s time for him to make a decision or play, he just does what he’s always done.”

For a young man, that’s a great sign.

This is an excellent time for him to lay the groundwork in terms of his long-term development.

That’s exactly what he’s up to.”

Steve Kerr compares Jonathan Kuminga’s rookie situation to that of Kawhi Leonard’s with the Spurs. pic.twitter.comsXMyTE6ErB

November 16, 2021, — Anthony Slater (@anthonyVslater)

Others in the organization believe Kuminga has a bright future.

Andre Iguodala, a veteran, said the 19-year-old has been studying film to improve his understanding of defensive concepts and learn his opponents’ tendencies.

“For a lot of players, it’s simply a matter of wanting to do it.”

The most difficult obstacle is this.

He makes it clear right away that he wants to…

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