The ‘Watch’ List for Head Coaches includes an ex-Steelers quarterback.


Head Coach ‘Watch’ List includes ex-Steelers quarterback.

Tom Pelissero of NFL Network released his fifth annual young coaches to watch list on Wednesday, which is notable in that it does not include a single Pittsburgh Steelers assistant coach, despite the fact that the list contains a total of 70 names, including 57 candidates “to watch in coming years.”

However, Byron Leftwich, 41, who currently serves as the offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is one of 13 coaches considered a good bet to land an NFL head coaching job in early 2022.

In (Early) 2021, Byron Leftwich was not questioned.

Never mind that despite calling the plays for a Tom Brady-led offense that won the Super Bowl, Leftwich didn’t get a single interview for a head coaching job during the previous hiring cycle.

“That’s likely to change this time,” Pelissero writes.

“The 10-year NFL quarterback was once a backup (to Ben Roethlisberger) under then-offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, who hired Leftwich as a QB coach in Arizona in 2017 and brought him to Tampa two years later,” according to ESPN.

“An uninspiring three-year stint as the interim offensive coordinator for a doomed Cardinals team under Arians’ successor, Steve Wilks, is further in the rearview now,” Pelissero adds.

“And Leftwich continues to show he can lead a room full of veterans like Brady, who is more than two years older than his OC and has expressed his admiration for him.”

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It’s worth noting that Pelissero has a solid track record of spotting young coaches who will be in high demand during the next coaching cycle.

“… Over half of all head-coaching hires (14 of 27) in the previous four cycles came from the year’s edition of this list, which focuses on a specific demographic: under 45 and looking for their first NFL head-coaching opportunity.

Brandon Staley (Los Angeles Chargers), Arthur Smith (Atlanta Falcons), Dan Campbell (Detroit Lions), Robert Saleh (New York Jets), and Nick Sirianni (Philadelphia Eagles) all got their first jobs while under 45 years old in 2021.”

Byron Leftwich was the No. 1 pick in the draft.

In 2003, the overall score was 7.

Of course, Leftwich can relate to both his starting and backup quarterbacks.

He was the one who…

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