Udoka Addresses Celtics’ Major Flaw: ‘Teams Are Going to Dare Us’


‘Teams are going to dare us,’ Udoka says of the Celtics’ biggest flaw.

Ime Udoka and the Boston Celtics continue to lose games, with their most recent defeat coming at the hands of the Atlanta Hawks.

In a game where the Celtics shot just 26.8% from three, Boston’s defense once again came through to save the day.

The Hawks, on the other hand, had other ideas, scoring 110 points en route to an 11-point win.

“I don’t think we found our offense tonight, so it’ll be tough, and it’ll put a lot of pressure on your defense to be perfect when you don’t make shots, and that’s what games come down to sometimes.”

You know, having several wide-open looks and hitting 11 of 42 from three puts a lot of pressure on your defense to be flawless when you’re not hitting those shots.

We’re continuing to do what we’ve been doing all year: penetrating, kicking, and getting open looks, but we’re not knocking them down.

“We’re not going to hold guys in the 90s every night,” Udoka said after the loss to the media.

Udoka isn’t dissatisfied with the implementation of his offensive schemes in general; he’s just disappointed with the end result.

“It’s disappointing, tonight from an offensive standpoint of making shots, Jayson gets going, there’s a crowd on him, guys are getting open looks, I’d like to knock them down and obviously it’s a different ballgame.”

Still upset about the Cleveland game the other night; obviously, it could have been a much better trip.

Overall, we’ve been inconsistent; defensively, we’ve been solid, but offensively, we’ve been inconsistent, and sometimes it comes down to making shots.

So we have to keep working at it, encouraging them to be aggressive and confident, and knocking down those shots when they come their way, and that’s all you can do.

We’ve talked about expected points and all that every game, and when you’re getting those looks and you don’t knock them down, it starts to wear on you mentally a little bit,” Udoka continued, as he discussed the Celtics’ current scoring struggles.

The Celtics are allowing for plenty of opportunities to shoot the ball.

The Celtics are getting good shots, with many of them being open looks; they’re just not converting them at a rate that is commensurate with winning basketball, which has been the case this season.

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