For Week 11, a veteran Lions defender challenges the defense.


For Week 11, a seasoned Lions defender challenges the defense.

The Detroit Lions came much closer to winning in Week 10 than they had in previous weeks, and the team’s defense was a big reason for that.

The Lions gave up 387 total yards on the ground and 242 through the air against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

The Lions limited the Steelers to just seven third-down conversions and 16 points while forcing two fumbles and one interception.

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But, as good as the day was, the Lions lacked one stat: a sack.

The Lions have gone two weeks without recording a sack, dating back to Week 8.

It’s safe to assume that’s the one thing holding the team back right now.

Charles Harris, the defensive lineman with the most sacks, appears to understand this all too well.

With four sacks to his credit, Harris has been arguably the team’s best pass rusher, and he wants to see his teammates pick up the pace.

In an interview published on after practice on November 17, Harris explained why pressure in the backfield is so important to him.

“I believe the quarterback is a significant factor in any game.

That’s something we’re definitely harping on, something we’re trying to improve, and even right now, we’re out staying a few minutes longer after practice, working on little details in terms of the pass rush, making sure we have pass rush lanes, and pass rush coverage all go hand in hand,” he told the media.

Harris left no doubts about what he wants to see this week.

“As a defense, we definitely need more production there,” Harris said.

The Lions will be facing Baker Mayfield this weekend, even though he is banged up.

Even though Harris believes the team is in a good position to compete against Mayfield, that doesn’t change his opinion of the quarterback.

“He’s a dynamic player who makes plays with his legs all the time, so he’s obviously a dual-threat.”

He is.

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