Former 3-Point Champion to Celtics in Proposed Trade Package


Former 3-Point Champion Joins Celtics in Proposed Trade Package

Simply put, the Boston Celtics are in desperate need of a shooter.

They are currently ranked 26th in three-point percentage as a team.

Dennis Schroder and Marcus Smart, the team’s point guards, have combined to shoot just 29.4 percent from 3-point range.

Jayson Tatum’s recent shooting woes have spread beyond the three-point line, where he is currently shooting a career-low 32.5 percent.

Remember Payton Pritchard, the Oregon product who was second among rookies in 3-point percentage last season? The one whose stroke was once compared to Steph Curry’s and Damian Lillard’s? He’s only hit six triples this season.

While the Cs have three trade exceptions at their disposal to help them scour the market for sharpshooters, Dan Greenberg of Barstool Sports believes the team would be better served to push the envelope a little.

With Buddy Hield’s long-term future in Sacramento uncertain, the Celtics insider urges Brad Stevens to pick up the phone and call Monte McNair and the Kings.

Hield Trade Package Included a Trio of Celtics Wings

“Hield is an obvious choice given his track record as a high-volume three-point shooter,” Greenberg wrote, “but he’s expensive.”

“You’ll have to give up multiple players and probably at least one first-round pick to even get the Kings to entertain the idea with a TPE.”

With Hield’s perceived trade value in mind, the question becomes whether the Celtics have enough collateral to acquire his services should they seek one. From a Celtics standpoint, a good place to start would appear to be Josh Richardson and Juancho Hernangomez — arguably the two most talked-about trade chips on the team.

Add in one of the team’s young wings and a draft pick, and they might have enough to pique Sacramento’s interest.

Greenberg suggested, “Could a package centered on RichardsonJuanchoRomeo or Nesmith and a pick be sufficient?”

“Richardson’s contract will expire next year, Juancho’s status is uncertain, and they could return a young wing prospect and a pick.”

If they make Hield available, it’s unlikely to be the best offer they get, but I’ll call and inquire.

In SAC, he’s already used to coming off the bench, and I’m not sure what…

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