Former Nets All-Star Chris Paul Explains Why He’s “Jealous” of Him


Former Nets All-Star Chris Paul explains why he is ‘jealous’ of him.

Currently, the Brooklyn Nets’ big three of Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving are the center of attention.

But this isn’t the Nets’ first attempt at putting together a super team.

The Nets had a star-studded team when they first arrived in Brooklyn in 2012, with All-Stars Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Joe Johnson, and Deron Williams.

While the Nets’ core four had limited success, they were still one of the best groups of players to ever grace an NBA court.

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Deron Williams explains why he’s envious of Chris Paul.

Williams, who was the Nets’ starting point guard when they first arrived in Brooklyn, enjoys keeping up with current events in the NBA.

He’s recently maintained contact with Chris Paul, the starting point guard for the defending Western Conference champion Phoenix Suns and a former rival turned friend.

Paul continues to torment the league with his high-IQ plays and ability to facilitate, despite the fact that they are only one year apart in age.

After a brief stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Williams retired in 2017.

“I’m a little jealous that he’s still out there doing his thing,” Williams told Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson of “Bally Sports.”

I only spoke with him last week.

He called me right away after they announced the fight.

He attempted to attend the fight but was unable to obtain front-row tickets.

“If CP3 can’t get front row seats, that means they’re going like hotcakes,” I said.

“Nobody expected that Suns team to be in the Finals last year, and he was a big reason for that,” Deron Williams says of Chris Paul’s Suns.

I believe he’s a big reason DeAndre Ayton is playing so well and Devin Booker has taken another step.” https:t.co0B5q909Xc5 pic.twitter.comlakpmZTT78

November 17, 2021, Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson (@ScoopB)

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In a boxing match, Williams will take on an ex-NFL running back.

For retired NBA players, deciding on a new career path is a big step.

Many players, including Garnett and Pierce, have gone on to become analysts or host podcasts.

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