In a viral photo, a Bills tight end breaks his silence about flipping off quarterback Josh Allen.


In a viral photo, a Bills tight end breaks his silence about flipping off quarterback Josh Allen.

One of the biggest surprises this season has been Buffalo Bills tight end Dawson Knox’s breakout career-best performance, but it was a photo of him flipping off quarterback Josh Allen mid-throw last month that left everyone’s jaw on the floor.

Knox unintentionally gave Allen the middle finger during a trick play in the third quarter during Monday Night Football’s primetime matchup between the Bills and Tennessee Titans.

A few days later, on Thursday, October 21, the Bills’ official Twitter account shared a photo of the incident, confirming that the photo was not doctored.

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You never know when your shot put skills will come in handy.

BillsMafia pic.twitter.commbkpNEzxma

21 October 2021 — Buffalo Bills (@BuffaloBills)

Knox, 24, a quarterback at Brentwood Academy in Tennessee, used his arm to pass a toss to Allen for a two-point conversion, a play known as the “Philly Special,” which gave the Bills a 31-24 lead and was the final play that put points on Buffalo’s scoreboard.

Philly Special: I’m Exhausted

Billy Special, Wired pic.twitter.comjNe9za6J02

October 19, 2021 — Barstoolsports (@barstoolsports)

Linebacker Tyrel Dodson, Knox’s teammate, couldn’t believe Knox managed to flip the bird mid-play on Monday Night Football.

“Yooo you gotta explain this left hand gesture @dawson_knox,” Dodson wrote alongside a zoomed-in photo of the moment with an entire line of laugh-cry emojis.

Knox finally explained himself to Katherine Fitzgerald of The Buffalo News on November 18.

“Hello, Dawson Knox finally gave me the big explanation today,” Fitzgerald tweeted.

“Yeah, so that was actually really funny — when I saw the screenshot, I thought it had been photoshopped,” Knox explained.

Because it’s obvious that I’m flicking him off with my left hand.”

“There’s a part of me that wishes I could claim it and say, ‘Yeah, screw you, I’m still throwing it,'” Knox continued.

“But no, it was entirely by chance.”

I’m not sure what flexed in my forearm to get it there, but it just happened.

It’s kind of amusing.”

With a broken hand, Knox threw the 2-point conversion pass.

@dawson_knox, you need to explain this left hand gesture pic.twitter.comZ9FyNeCTxG

October 21, 2021 — Tyrel Dodson (@tdots25)

To make Knox’s deception even more impressive,…

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