Jets assistant coach is one of the ‘Young NFL Coaches to Watch’ for a head coaching position.


The Jets’ assistant coach is one of the ‘Young NFL Coaches to Watch’ for a head coaching position.

The New York Jets’ current situation may not be ideal, but they have a bright future ahead of them.

That applies not only to the players in the locker room, but also to the coaches on the sidelines.

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Quite a compliment

Tom Pelissero, an NFL Network insider, has released an exclusive list of the top up-and-coming coaches who could become head coaches sooner rather than later over the last five years.

It’s a fascinating inside look at names from across the league who aren’t getting enough attention but have a proven track record.

To put things in perspective, 14 of the 27 hires in the last four head coaching cycles were on this list.

Coaches under the age of 45 who are looking for their first HC job have been the target demo.

The names mentioned on this list should not be taken lightly, especially with such a high hit rate.

In light of this, Jets offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur was named as one to “watch in the coming years” for a future head coaching job.

Fans of the Jets have finally had their fears realized.

This offseason, the hiring of head coach Robert Saleh was greeted with a lot of praise and joy.

When the rest of his team was revealed, including the addition of LaFleur from San Francisco, there was even more reason to be hopeful.

Although some fans made an interesting point, by hiring a young up-and-coming offensive mind, they risked him being hired away as the head coach of another NFL team a few years later.

In theory, Jets fans argued that this would not be the best environment in which to develop a young quarterback.

The genesis of that potential hire, I believe, was overlooked by many people at the time.

It would be fantastic news if LaFleur performed well enough as an offensive coordinator that another NFL team would hire him to run the entire operation.

That would indicate that the Jets offense was operating at a historic level that hasn’t been seen in a long time.

I believe that’s what today’s young people refer to as a first-world problem.

LaFleur is a first-year NFL play-caller…

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