Josh Martinez Talks About His Fight With Ashley Mitchell, Which Resulted In Her DQ


Josh Martinez Talks About His Fight With Ashley Mitchell, Which Resulted In Her DQ

Ashley Mitchell’s disqualification from “The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies” has sparked a lot of discussion in the last week because the show didn’t reveal the rule she broke and it wasn’t shown on camera.

Ashley was fired after an altercation with Josh Martinez, according to several cast members, including Nelson Thomas, who said Ashley “unfortunately crossed the line.”

“It’s something that I don’t want to give my energy or attention to,” Josh told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview.

What I’m going to say is that the only people who know the truth are the cast members who were present at the time of the game’s production.

As a result, we’re the only ones who are aware of the situation’s true nature.

It’s a pity what happened,” he added.

It’s unfortunate that that person left in that manner.

I am sending love and light to the situation.

I wish her the best of luck.

There’s a whole story going on, and I don’t want to invest my energy in it; instead, I want to focus on the blessing that being a part of The Challenge is for me.

I only wish her the best.

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Josh had previously commented on a video of Ashley talking about the incident in which she claimed he had been harassing her.

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J O S H M A R T I N E Z (@josh_martinez_) shared this.

“I was drunk from the night before, and someone was basically harassing me all morning long,” Ashley said in a video (saved here).

I flipped out and said some f***** up nonsense.

It wasn’t as bad as what you might see on the internet, and it wasn’t a slur.”

She explained in her video that they had been drinking the night before, and it was one of the first nights they’d had alcohol in a long time, so she was still drunk when she woke up the next day.

“Josh was following me around, harassing me and telling me I should put myself in, that I didn’t deserve to be there, that I wasn’t fit to be there, that I was drunk as…

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