A Warriors insider makes an outlandish prediction about Klay Thompson’s future role.


A Warriors insider makes an outlandish prediction about Klay Thompson’s future role.

A Warriors insider predicts Klay Thompson’s role.

Klay Thompson’s devastating Achilles tendon injury, which has kept him out for the past two seasons, is approaching its second anniversary, and fans are awaiting his return with bated breath.

One unanswered question surrounding Thompson’s return is what role he will play once he is able to play again.

Thompson has started 578 of the 615 NBA games he’s played in.

Thompson hasn’t played since March 2011, so easing him back into a significant role might be preferable.

But it’s a role he hasn’t played before.

Should Thompson be reintroduced to the Warriors’ starting lineup right away, despite the fact that he hasn’t played in an NBA game since June 2019?


Warriors Brasil (12-2) (@warriors_bra) 11 November 2021

Despite the fact that the Warriors’ coaches and front office have given no indication of their plans, Warriors insider Kerith Burke believes that’s how the team will go about things.

“My gut tells me Klay will start,” she wrote, “while the team has not announced their plans for Klay’s first game back.”

“If you want to do everything you can to put Klay at ease and let Klay be Klay, put him back in the situation he knows.”

He’ll be on the court with Steph and Draymond from the beginning.

Allow Klay to begin.

Allow him to recall how it feels in order for him to thrive.”

The Warriors’ starting lineup gets along well.

With Jordan Poole averaging 17.1 points per game and Andrew Wiggins averaging 18.1 points per game, Thompson has the potential to disrupt the starting five’s current chemistry.

After all, the team has a record of 12-2.

Despite a string of blowout victories that have reduced the Warriors starters’ overall playing time—the Warriors starters play an average of 27.8 minutes per game, the fewest in the NBA—the Warriors starters rank sixth in scoring with 77.9 points.

They are ranked No. 1 with a plus-7.1 plusminus rating.

The best player in the league.

The fact that the Warriors’ first-unit chemistry has been established will be taken into account…

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