MTV Responds to Leroy Garrett with a Statement, and Cast Members React


MTV Responds to Leroy Garrett with a Statement, and Cast Members React

There’s been a lot going on in the world of “The Challenge” in the last few weeks, with Leroy Garrett coming forward with a video detailing the impact of Camila Nakagawa’s racist rant directed at him on “XXX: Dirty 30” and his disappointment with producers and the network’s response.

“MTV and BunimMurray were saddened by Leroy’s recount of his experience on The Challenge in 2017,” MTV and BunimMurray Productions said on their “The Challenge” social media accounts a few days later.

We apologise to Leroy, a dear family member,” the statement continued.

We tried to support the cast and address the incident on air at the time, but it’s clear now that we didn’t go far enough.

We’ve taken what we’ve learned from this, and we’re doubling down on our education programs for all cast and crew to ensure a safe, respectful, and inclusive set free of any form of discrimination or harassment.

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Former Cast Members Reacted to the Statement on ‘The Challenge’ Instagram.

On Instagram, see this photo.

The Challenge (@challengemtv) shared a post.

“How convenient, I have yet to receive an apology!” Simone Kelly, who last appeared on “XXX: Dirty 30,” wrote. “Mind you, I spoke on my experience andamp; this situation in the video I did over a year ago andamp; it went completely unnoticed.”

Latoya Jackson, whose last season was also “XXX: Dirty 30,” wrote, “late to the party, meh.”

“Education programs DO NOT address the individual hurt and trauma these shows often cause the cast and crew,” wrote Sarah Rice, who hasn’t returned to the show since the infamous final of “Rivals III.”

BunimMurray and MTV must ensure that their participants receive the necessary (and appropriate!) follow-up.”

Many people are hurting and struggling, as this and other incidents have demonstrated.

I’m interested to learn how these companies plan to support cast and crew, and I hope this incident inspires change in a system that is severely broken.

Following the release of Leroy’s video, Camila went on Instagram Live to discuss the incident…

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