On the eve of the match, Celtics big man Tears Into ‘Disgusting’ LeBron James


On the eve of the game, Celtics big man Tears Into ‘Disgusting’ LeBron James

Enes Kanter, a veteran Turkish NBA center currently with the Boston Celtics, has long spoken out against some of the world’s most powerful figures, beginning with his own country’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom he accuses of widespread human-rights violations.

In recent weeks, he has made similar criticisms of China’s government, particularly its president, Xi Jinping.

Kanter, however, took aim at a different powerful person on Thursday, just ahead of the Celtics’ game against the Lakers at the TD Garden in Boston.

Kanter mentioned James’ domestic efforts for social justice, but then asked why he hasn’t applied the same standard to international justice, particularly in China, where the Nike shoes he endorses are made.

“Money over Morals for the ‘King.’ Sad andamp; disgusting how these athletes pretend to care about social justice They really do’shut up and dribble’ when Big Boss (China) says so,” Kanter wrote on Thursday, referring to James.

Is it part of your research or did you learn about the slave labor used to make your shoes?”

Photos of Kanter’s painted shoes, as well as an image of Xi placing a crown on James’ head, were attached.

For the “King,” money is more important than morals.

It’s both sad and disgusting to see how these athletes act as if they care about social justice.

When Big Boss says “shut up and dribble,” they actually do it.

Is it part of your research or did you learn about the slave labor used to make your shoes? pic.twitter.comYUA8rGYeoZ

November 18, 2021, Enes Kanter (@EnesKanter)

Kanter Picked an Appropriate Time to Tweet About LeBron James

The timing of Kanter’s tweet is noteworthy, given that tomorrow is James’ and the Lakers’ only visit to the Celtics this season.

The uncertainty over whether James will play against Boston adds to the intrigue, with ESPN reporting that the odds are 50-50.

James has been out with an abdominal muscle strain since November 4th.

While it appears that James will play on Friday, anything can happen.

After years of public squabbles with Erdogan, which culminated in the Turkish government issuing nine arrest warrants for Kanter this summer, it now appears that China’s human rights violations have captured his attention…

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