The Lakers’ rival owner may have just thrown some shade at them.


The Lakers’ rival owner may have just thrown some shade at them.

While the Los Angeles Lakers had a number of problems last season, injuries were most likely the factor that prevented them from defending their championship.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis missed a combined 63 regular-season games in 2021 after leading the team to a championship in 2020.

In the early stages of this season, the team has also been plagued by injuries.

James has already missed ten games, and he’s not the only one who’s been sidelined.

Some of the injury woes are unquestionably due to bad luck.

However, there’s something to be said for the roster’s increasing age.

Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob, for one, just said a lot about it.

On November 14, during an interview with The Athletic’s Tim Kawakami, Lacob was a veritable sound bite machine.

He even referred to the team’s acquisition of Andrew Wiggins as “possibly the greatest deal we’ve ever done” at one point. Whoa, dude.

But, of all the things he said, Lacob’s remarks on team building struck Lakers Nation as particularly pertinent, and not in a good way.

Lacob on ‘Old’ Teams

Following his philosophical musings on what he considers to be the winning mix in the Association, Lacob went on to describe what doesn’t work.

And it sounded eerily similar to what the Lakers have been doing this season.

“You don’t want to be an old, broken-down team where everyone is old,” says the coach.

“That’s not going to work,” he said, clarifying that he wasn’t referring to any specific team.

But, if you look back through history, you’ll notice that every great team has had a great young star.”

Lacob even mentioned a classic Lakers team as one of the blueprints for bringing old and young players together, which may or may not be coincidental.

“The Lakers, Magic Johnson as a rookie, he did incredible things,” Lacob said.

“…You look back, even the Warriors in 1975, right? They had two young rookies [in Jamaal Wilkes and Phil Smith]who contributed mightily to that team,” he says.

“I don’t think you can be all old,” he concluded.

And you can’t win in this league if you’re all young.”

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