Where Do All the Current Players Rank on ‘Survivor 41’ Power Rankings?


Where Do All the Current Players Rank on ‘Survivor 41’ Power Rankings?

Two players were sent to the jury in last night’s episode of “Survivor 41.”

Fans adored Naseer Muttalif and Evvie Jagoda, and the “Survivor” community may still be reeling from a tumultuous night that saw two contestants eliminated in the span of one hour.

So, where does that leave the remaining eight players? “Survivor” fans and blogs have been weighing in.

Here’s everything you need to know about Episode 9’s aftermath.

Xander has the potential to be a frontrunner.

At least for the time being, there appears to be a fairly clear consensus on who the main contenders for the $1 million prize are.

Despite the fact that fan favorite Xander Hastings has been a target for a long time, a combination of certain power rankings places him in the (hashtag)1 spot to win.

Xander was ranked (hashtag)1 out of 10 on Survivor Fandom, (hashtag)3 on Distractify, and (hashtag)4 on Surviving Tribal as of episode 8, making him the highest averaged player of the season.

Surviving Tribal, in particular, had him at (hashtag)11 the week before, and then catapulted him to #1 after episode 8.

Although everyone on the island knows Xander is intelligent, strategic, and an overall good player, the consensus appears to be that he is also intelligent, strategic, and an overall good player.

As a result, as anyone watching this season can see, he’s been heavily targeted.

Despite the fact that he won immunity last night and still has several advantages – including an idol – in his arsenal, Evvie’s elimination effectively eliminated the last of his allies.

Xander is alone and vulnerable now, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of danger.

But one thing is certain: Xander’s problem is getting to the end.

If he makes it to the final three, his chances of winning skyrocket.

He is difficult to beat in the finals due to his likability, charm, and strategic prowess.

Anything can happen, and the game doesn’t end until your torch is extinguished.

Mike Holloway of Season 30 appeared to be dead in the water by episode 10, but he went on an immunity and idol run all the way to the final three, where he won.

There’s always hope for Xander.

Who Are the Other Serious Runners-Up?

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