Why Did Jade Roper Miss Ben Higgins’ Wedding?


Jade Roper explains why she didn’t attend Ben Higgins’ wedding.

Jade Roper revealed why she was unable to attend Ben Higgins’ wedding.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the former “Bachelor” star married Jessica Clarke, his longtime love, last weekend at The Estate at Cherokee Dock just outside of Nashville.

Jade shared a message with fans on her Instagram story, explaining why she had to cancel her trip to Tennessee to attend the reality-star-studded wedding.

Jade explained that she and her husband Tanner Tolbert didn’t make it to Nashville “for many reasons,” one of which was a death in her family.

“The main reason was my grandfather’s death,” Jade explained to her fans.

“I was taken aback by how difficult my grief was.

I’m still having a hard time right now.”

Following her grandfather’s death, Jade felt compelled to stay at home with her children.

According to Us Weekly, Jade and Tanner have three young children: Emerson “Emmy” Avery, Brooks Easton, and Reed Harrison.

Jade also admitted that she didn’t want to ruin the couple’s wedding.

“I also didn’t want to be the sad, crying bridesmaid,” she explained.

“I’m so sorry we missed Ben and Jess’s wedding, but I had to do what was best for me.”

I’m confident in my choice.”

On Instagram, Jade paid tribute to her grandfather.

Visit Instagram to see this post.

Jade Roper Tolbert (@jadelizroper) shared a post on Facebook.

Her grandfather and Jade were close.

She shared a slideshow of photos of him over the years on her Instagram page after his death, including one of him holding her as a baby and a more recent photo with her grandparents.

The “Bachelor in Paradise” alum admitted in the caption to the photo that her grandfather’s death didn’t feel “real” to her.

She expressed gratitude to her fans.

Jade also mentioned how important her grandfather was in her life.

“He was an incredible man who aided in the development of the person I am today,” Jade wrote.

“He instilled in me a love of horses, nature, and writing from a young age.

He was witty and sweet, and he enjoyed telling stories to teach morals and lessons.

As a result,

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