‘You Need to Find Another Profession,’ Kenyan Drake Blunt says of the Raiders’ slump.


‘You Need to Find Another Profession,’ Kenyan Drake Blunt says of the Raiders.

The Las Vegas Raiders are in a funk after a strong 5-2 start to the regular season.

They’ve dropped two straight games to the New York Giants and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Instead of leading the AFC West, the team is currently the eighth seed in the AFC, and would miss the playoffs if the season ended today.

The Raiders have had a strong start the last two seasons before falling apart down the stretch and missing the playoffs.

The team is working feverishly to prevent this from happening again.

Kenyan Drake is in his first season with the team and isn’t ready to give up just yet.

As the Raiders try to get back into the win column against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, he put the team on notice.

“You need to find another profession if you can’t get up for any game, regardless of the situation,” Drake said of Wednesday’s loss.

The Raiders’ season is on the decline, and a loss to the Bengals, another 5-4 team, could send them into a tailspin.

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Drake Discusses the Bengals-Raiders Matchup

The Bengals’ season has mirrored that of the Raiders.

They both had big wins over the Baltimore Ravens and disappointing losses to New York teams.

They’re both on two-game losing streaks as well.

On Sunday, Drake is well aware that his team will face a difficult opponent.

“Obviously it’s different when you’re playing against a divisional opponent, but playing against a team like the Bengals this week, they’ve got a young quarterback,” Drake explained.

“Obviously, they’re in the same situation as we are, fighting to stay in playoff contention.”

So we’ve got to keep going out there and just playing our best game because we know we’re going to get their best, and we’ve got to keep defending our home turf.”

Because the Bengals are still a young squad, the Raiders should have the upper hand.

They’ve looked terrible in the last two games, though.

It’s difficult to predict who will show up at Allegiant Stadium on Sunday.

Drake claims that the Raiders are beating themselves.

In Week 9, the Raiders should have beaten the Giants…

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