Bitcoin: Speculation around Amazon listing drives up bitcoin price


The Bitcoin price has risen sharply. This was apparently triggered by a job advertisement at Amazon: The ad raises hopes that the online retailer could soon allow digital currencies as a means of payment.

The digital currency has increased significantly at the start of the week. On the Bitstamp trading platform, the largest cryptocurrency by market value cost up to 39,850 dollars on Monday. This is the highest level since mid-June. On a daily basis, the price increased by up to around 15 percent.

Other Internet currencies such as Ether, XRP or Dogecoin also recorded double-digit percentage price gains.

On the market, the premiums were justified with speculation around Amazon. On the basis of a job advertisement for a management position in the crypto area, considerations made the rounds that Amazon could accept digital currencies such as Bitcoin as a means of payment in the future.

In April, the carmaker Tesla had co-triggered a record high of almost 65,000 dollars for Bitcoin, because the company temporarily accepted the cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

In May, Tesla CEO Elon Musk had then distanced himself from Bitcoin via Twitter and caused the price to plummet with his surprising departure. Musk had justified his skepticism at the time with the high power consumption during the generation (mining) of Bitcoins through complex computer computing processes. Most recently, however, he had shown himself to be more conciliatory again.


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