Boss criticized for rejecting requests to take time off for a wedding and eye surgery.


For refusing requests for time off for a wedding and eye surgery, the boss received criticism.

A boss has come under fire online after turning down requests to grant time off for two coworkers during the same week, one for a wedding and the other for eye surgery.

An employee who went by the alias uTAeyeop posted their story to Reddit’s rAmITheA**hole forum in order to get feedback from the “AITA” community.

The original poster (OP) began their story by describing their place of employment, which is a major retail chain.

They called her “Candice” and she worked in their department. Candice was getting married soon.

She was scheduled to get married in 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic forced the date change to 2022.

Two years prior, she requested two weeks off for her wedding and honeymoon, and everything was already paid for.

The OP claimed that after suffering from poor vision for many years, they were finally able to afford surgery.

When the Redditor visited the doctor, he was informed that they had discovered a small rupture in one of their eyes and needed to have the surgery “sooner rather than later.”

The surgeon feared that the condition would worsen if the patient fell or hit their head, making surgery ineffective.

The operation was planned around Candice’s wedding, the OP stated.

When I informed my boss that I would need two weeks off during the same week, they refused my request, stating that it was made with insufficient advance notice and that Candice had already reserved the time off, so we couldn’t both take time off at the same time.

I had to go through the doctor to get a note that said I would be having surgery and would be out of commission for two weeks due to recovery; legally, my boss could not refuse this.

“Due to this and the fact that Candice’s wedding is still more than two weeks away, he denied her request for a vacation.

She said she would take unpaid leave in this situation because she couldn’t get a refund with such short notice, but our boss refused to give her any time off because we are already short-staffed (someone just started maternity leave) and if she won’t show up.

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