‘Privilege Has Never Been Less Fashionable,’ declared William Booed at the Time.


‘Privilege Has Never Been Less Fashionable,’ declared William Booed at the Time.

In a recent episode of Newsweek’s The Royal Report podcast, a discussion was had regarding how Prince William is being seen as a “symbol of the establishment,” which has resulted in a number of incidents that have seen him jeered during two prominent sporting events.

When discussing the criticism the prince received during the UEFA Women’s Euros championship soccer final in Britain last month, chief royal correspondent Jack Royston and royal commentator Kristen Meinzer pointed to the young people’s perception of the royal as a potential obstacle for him to overcome in the future.

Royston talked about a viral video of William being jeered by customers at a British pub during the women’s soccer championship, at which he served as the Football Association’s (FA) president and presented the trophy at Wembley Stadium.

When William appeared on screen, a pub in Sheffield booed him, the man said.

“I was messaging with one of the people who was in the pub at the time, who basically said it was an anti-establishment feeling and that Prince William is basically seen as a symbol of the establishment,” the person who was in the pub said.

The prime minister, Boris Johnson, would also likely draw jeers as an “establishment” figure, Royston continued, but he added: “Of course, from William’s point of view, he probably wouldn’t really want to be lumped in with divisive figures like Boris.”

William has been jeered by sports fans on multiple occasions this year.

Fans loudly booed and jeered the prince as his arrival was announced over the loudspeakers in May during the FA Cup soccer final between Chelsea FC and Liverpool FC.

God Save the Queen, the national anthem of Britain, was also booed throughout.

The prime minister, speaking through a spokesperson, said: “It was a great shame that as we are marking 150 years of the FA Cup, an event that brings people together, that. The incident sparked widespread discussions with Liverpool fans being identified as those who mainly contributed to the booing.

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