Teen Supported for Getting Her Family, Including Her Stepsister Who Is Pregnant, Evicted.


Teen Supported for Getting Her Family, Including Her Stepsister Who Is Pregnant, Evicted.

Online users have supported a teenager who forced her family—including her unborn stepsister—to move out in a social media post that has gone viral.

Teenager uNoMoreAdvantage shared her story on Reddit’s rAmITheA**hole forum under the pseudonym uNoMoreAdvantage in order to get feedback from the “AITA” community.

800 comments and more than 6,000 upvotes can be found on the popular post.

The original poster (OP) started her story by describing how she shares a home with her dad, stepmom, and stepsister, who is six months pregnant, rent-free.

Her half-brother is the owner of the home they currently reside in.

Following the OP’s father’s job loss, she and her stepdad moved in after being forcibly evicted because they couldn’t pay the rent.

There are three bedrooms in the home.

In addition to having a private bathroom, the OP’s room is larger than her stepsister’s.

The OP’s parents informed her a few months ago that closer to the baby’s due date, her stepsister’s boyfriend would be moving in with them.

They would need one room for the couple and the other for the infant with the new resident in the house.

In addition to sleeping on the couch at night, the OP would have to move her belongings into the shed.

She was irate about the arrangement.

When she discussed it with her half-brother, he concurred that it was unreasonable.

“I questioned him about the possibility of evicting my parents so that I wouldn’t have to deal with my stepmother and stepsisteranymore.

When they receive the eviction notice, my brother suggested that I move in with him to avoid living there because he was concerned that they would blame me and it wouldn’t be nice if I was.

So my step sister’s boyfriend also moved in just over a week ago.

They were served with a two-month eviction notice before I moved in with my brother.

My step sister texted me saying I’m the biggest a**hole she’s ever met because I’m making her homeless at the height of her pregnancy and my dad, step mom, and step sister have been calling me nonstop asking me to persuade my brother to reconsider and calling me heartless.

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