The Edifier Stax Spirit S3 Planar Headphones have an incredible sound, but they are featureless.


The Edifier Stax Spirit S3 Planar Headphones have an incredible sound, but they are featureless.

With a unique approach compared to more conventional headphones, Edifier’s Stax Spirit S3 planar headphones deliver excellent sound.

These planar headphones generate sound by using magnets on either side of a thin diaphragm in place of cone-shaped speakers in each earcup.

Crisp, even sounds are produced over a wider frequency range with clearer separation as a result.

The clarity is astounding.

Although music and audio sound fantastic, there are some compromises.

Although this technology isn’t brand-new, using it is more expensive than using conventional dynamic drivers.

Additionally, some people dislike the offered improved clarity.

It somewhat resembles the argument over which produces a song’s best sound: a vinyl record or a CD.

The Edifier Stax Spirit S3 retails for about (dollar)399, which is a reasonable price for planar headphones.

The audio is excellent, but some of the design decisions and the lack of some features prevent these headphones from being a slam dunk for everyone.

But these should be on the list for anyone who wants to lose themselves in their music and is thinking about spending money on high-end headphones.


Nevertheless, anyone looking to lose themselves in their music and thinking about splurging on high-end headphones should put these on their list.

Extremely long battery life, cooling mesh gel ear pads, and excellent audio quality

Very long battery lifeExcellent audio qualitySoft, cooling mesh gel ear pads

It’s unfortunate that ear detection and other premium features aren’t included. Buttons and parts of the frame feel a little flimsy.

acquire at Edifier.

Planar Headphones: What Are They?

The type of technology used by Stax Spirit S3 contributes to their price.

Simply put, a diaphragm that is electrically charged and sandwiched between two magnets produces sound waves when it moves in its magnetic field, which is why planar headphones are unique or different.

More significant, however, are the advantages this offers, like less audio distortion and greater sonic range.

According to Edifier, its new diaphragm technology accurately reproduces sound by combining three notable components, including “the Audeze Fluxor magnetic structure, Uniforce diaphragm, and Fazor phase management.”

If those words don’t mean much to you, don’t worry.

They are noteworthy because Edifier’s partnership with Audeze is a significant fact that will, for some people, increase the credibility of these headphones.

Features of the Stax Spirit S3

Before returning to the sound of the headphones, a few details.

The battery life on the Stax Spirit S3 is an amazing 80 hours.

11 hours of listening time will be added after 10 minutes of charging.

Additionally, 11 hours of listening time can be added by charging them for 10 minutes.

This serves as an overview.


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