The soon-to-be father who broke his brother’s phone in an expensive “prank” is dragged online.


The soon-to-be father who broke his brother’s phone in an expensive “prank” is dragged online.

Members of a well-known online forum supported a 20-year-old who, in spite of expecting a child, insisted that his older brother fix his broken cellphone.

In a widely shared Reddit post, Redditor uRealisticStreet1827 (also known as the original poster, or OP), claimed that his phone had been broken during one of his 23-year-old brother’s practical jokes and detailed how he almost felt embarrassed into covering the cost of the damage himself.

The post with the title “[Am I the a**hole] for demanding my brother with a baby on the way buy me a new phone[?]” has over 4,500 upvotes and almost 1,000 comments in the last day.

OP introduced himself as “my brother…is a wannabe prank YouTuber.”

I recently fell for one of his stupid pranks because I’m a big techie.

OP continued by saying that he saves money each year to buy a new iPhone but that his most recent model was recently broken beyond repair.

He sneaked up behind me, grabbed my iPhone, ran to the bathroom, and threw it at the wall, according to OP.

As you might anticipate, the phone had problems and couldn’t be fixed.

When I began yelling at my brother, he explained that he was only trying to earn money for his unborn child, the OP continued.

I informed him that I owed him $1200 so that he could purchase me a new iPhone.

He eventually paid me, but not before telling me that I was directly taking money out of his unborn child’s pocket, the OP continued.

While some YouTube users use the site to share their hobbies or love of filmmaking, others are driven by money and the chance to make millions of dollars from their millions of subscribers.

The pranksters, or those willing to go above and beyond to garner as many views as possible, make up one subset of these money-hungry YouTubers.

Prank-based creators like Nelk and TopNotch Idiots have cultivated ardent fanbases that tune in when new videos are released and show financial support through merchandising and paywall content. These creators have enormous audiences and even greater bank accounts.

Not all prank YouTubers, however, are as popular and, in some cases, have put themselves in dangerous situations as a result of their brazen videos.

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