Why Netflix’s Changes “Make Sense” in “The Sandman,” According to Neil Gaiman and the Cast.


Neil Gaiman and the cast of “The Sandman” on Why the Netflix Changes “Make Sense.”

In a lovingly accurate adaptation, The Sandman reimagines Neil Gaiman’s renowned comic book series for a modern audience. According to the author, some of the adaptation’s minor changes to the original “made a lot of sense.”

Fans of the comic will see that many of the changes are, for the most part, subtle details that viewers may not notice but which do, in fact, make sense as Gaiman stated.

One such alteration can be seen in the fourth episode of the show, “A Hope in Hell,” where Dream (Tom Sturridge) travels to Hell to meet Lucifer (Gwendoline Christie), the ruler of that realm, in order to recover his stolen helm from a demon. However, the only way to get the helm back is to fight for it verbally.

The demon Choronzon is faced by Dream in the comics, but Christie’s Lucifer does so in the television version.

Gaiman explained this change to Newsweek by saying: “Some of the changes, in fact, a lot of the changes, are made for a kind of televisual economy, which may sound rather silly but, honestly, if you’re hiring Gwendoline Christie, and you’ve got Gwendoline Christie there, you might as well have Gwendoline Christie do the big important stuff, rather than having her stand off to the side and watch because you’ve got Gwendoline

For the Price of One, Get Two Johanna Constantines

In a similar way, Jenna Coleman plays Johanna Constantine in two different guises—as her contemporary ancestor and as someone from the 18th century.

In “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” the current Johanna Constantine encounters Dream, and the plot of her story is heavily influenced by John Constantine’s in the Sandman comics.

However, he told Newsweek: “The same, for me, was Jenna Coleman, we knew that we were going to have Lady Johanna Constantine back in the 18th. Gaiman has previously stated that the modern Johanna Constantine is not a gender-swapped John.

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