11 New Pups Are Welcomed by the California Wolf Packs in a “Conservation Milestone.”


11 New Pups Are Welcomed by the California Wolf Packs in a “Conservation Milestone.”

In a “conservation milestone,” two California wolf packs have welcomed 11 new pups.

A flurry of pups have joined the families of two of California’s existing wolf packs, the Lassen pack and the Whaleback pack, this year, according to a quarterly report released by the California Department of Fish and Game.

The Whaleback pack reportedly had at least six pups, compared to the Lassen pack’s five.

California has a dearth of wolves.

Only three wolf packs, the Lassen pack, Whaleback pack, and Beckwourth pack, have been identified in the state.

A century ago, wolves were completely eradicated from California.

In 1924, the last of the original wolves in the state were hunted.

Lassen and Plumas counties in the Sierra Nevada are within the Lassen pack’s range.

To the state’s north, in eastern Siskiyou County, the Whaleback pack is free to roam.

The new members increase the size of the Lassen pack to at least 12 and the Whaleback pack to at least 13.

Amaroq Weiss, senior wolf advocate at the Center for Biological Diversity, stated in a Center for Biological Diversity press release that “These furry little tykes are really something to celebrate.”

“Because wolves were absent from California for almost a century, the occurrence of two packs with young for consecutive years is a conservation success.

That California is wolf country is supported by this information.

wolves are welcome here.

The species did not need to be reintroduced; instead, it returned naturally from nearby states, primarily from Oregon.

While the Whaleback pack was first established in late 2020, the Lassen pack was first confirmed in the state in 2017.

Gray wolves were taken out of the Act’s protection two years ago by the Trump administration.

Because of this, they were no longer covered by federal law.

This was overturned in February of this year, which means that hunting is now subject to greater restrictions and there are fewer threats to the species.

Compared to the Whaleback pack, which only had its first litter of pups in 2021, the Lassen pack has had pups every year since 2017.

Considering that the Beckwourth pack wasn’t found until 2021, it still poses a mystery.

As a result of the pack’s discovery by experts, it is not thought that any puppies were welcomed.

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