According to a Polish diplomat, HIMARS could have stopped the tragedy in Mariupol, Ukraine.


Polish diplomat: HIMARS could have stopped the Ukrainian “Tragy” at Mariupol.

Bartosz Cichocki, the ambassador of Poland to Ukraine, stated that if Kyiv’s forces had been given access to the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) earlier, the “tragedy” of Russia’s siege of Mariupol might not have occurred.

Military analysts have referred to the American delivery of HIMARS to Ukraine as a “game-changer” for the nation as it defends itself against Moscow’s unprovoked aggression.

From the start of the conflict on February 24 until May 20, when the last Ukrainian forces in the city capitulated, Mariupol was under Russian siege, which caused countless civilian deaths and led to accusations of war crimes by Russian forces.

HIMARS’s initial shipment did not come in until late June.

“We fully understand that the Mariupol tragedy might not have occurred if the HIMARS had arrived in Ukraine earlier.

The Ukrainians were simply stationed 100 kilometers away from this city, separated by a flat region, unable to move the front lines, and left to idly witness their comrades’ tragedy, according to Cichocki in an interview with Polska Times that was published on Friday.

He said, “We have to ask ourselves if we’re going to watch Ukraine bleed out, win, and then recover for decades.

“Which will also bring about a protracted state of instability along our borders.

Or will we now exert even more effort, hasten this victory, and shorten the time needed to recover?

The Polish diplomat said that as long as Ukraine keeps fighting back against Russia, it cannot lose. He added that the only way Kyiv’s forces could lose would be if Western countries suddenly decided to stop supporting the Eastern European country.

During the nearly three-month long siege, it is estimated that Russian forces in Mariupol interred thousands of civilians in mass graves.

Also bombed by Moscow’s forces were a theater that was housing hundreds of civilians and a hospital’s maternity ward.

According to the local government, the attack had caused damage to at least 90% of the city’s structures.

Human Rights Watch stated that the assault on Mariupol by Russian forces “relied on attacks and tactics that resulted in indiscriminate and disproportionate civilian suffering and loss of life.”

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