Anti-Terror Agency NIA: “Biryani Party” To Commemorate Amravati Murder


According to the NIA, there will be a “Biryani Party” to commemorate the murder of Amravati

Nine people have been detained so far in connection with the case.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) informed a special court here on Friday that the two new suspects who have been detained in connection with the murder of pharmacist Umesh Kolhe, who lives in Amravati, attended a “biryani party” held to commemorate the murder.

The accusations were made by the NIA in an effort to gain custody of the two suspects, Maulavi Mushfique Ahmad (41) and Abdul Arbaz (23), who were taken into custody on Wednesday in Amravati.

The defendants appeared before special judge A K Lahoti, who remanded them to the NIA’s custody until August 12.

The investigation agency disclosed to the court that the pair allegedly assisted the other suspect in eluding capture after committing the crime.

The two have been charged by the NIA with harboring the accused, among other offenses, in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA).

The NIA claimed that Mushfique and Abdul were present at a “biryani party” that was held to celebrate the murder.

According to the agency, Sheikh Irfan, the alleged mastermind, and Mushfique spoke on the phone several times after the murder while Abdul was employed as a driver by the business he founded.

Irfan, the alleged murderer’s mastermind, was the director of Rahbar Helpline, a nonprofit.

The accused’s attorney, Kashif Khan, argued against the remand, saying the charges levied against the pair were unfounded because they were not terrorists.

The pair was placed in the NIA’s custody until August 12 after the court heard arguments from both sides.

On June 21, Kolhe was murdered in Amravati, a city in eastern Maharashtra, after sharing a social media post endorsing suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s controversial remarks about the Prophet Mohammad.

The case has so far resulted in the arrest of up to nine people.

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