Authorities on the alert: herd of wild elephants roams Chinese metropolis with millions of inhabitants


A roaming herd of 15 Asian wild elephants is currently causing a stir in China. Authorities in the southern Chinese city of Kunming have been put on “alert” after the animals reached the city limits of the metropolis of Kunming this week, according to the state news agency Xinhua.

According to the report, the wild elephants had left their habitat on April 16 and had since migrated some 500 kilometers north through Yunnan province. With food, the animals had been partially diverted from too densely populated areas. Roads had also been closed off.

To keep the herd away from people and settlements, security forces were dispatched to watch the animals, according to Xinhua. More than 200 vehicles were deployed, he said. Drones were also deployed to keep an eye on the animals around the clock.

Numerous footage on the web shows the animals wandering through the area, crossing fields, villages and roads. People have been urged by authorities not to leave grain or other types of food lying around on their farms. In addition, no one should try to make contact with the elephants, they said. A statement said, “It is prohibited to circle or stare at the elephants or disturb them with firecrackers or otherwise.”

Elephants stop in front of nursing home
Last week, the herd already roamed the city of Eshan for several hours. Residents were called not to leave their homes. On Tuesday, for example, the pachyderms let themselves be seen in front of an old people’s home.

Thereby some elephants would have reached with the trunk through the window. An elderly man had crawled under the bed out of fear, some residents told the online channel Jimu News.


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