Mega Protest Against “Agnipath” Scheme Tomorrow by Farm Union Leader Rakesh Tikait


Tomorrow’s Massive Protest Against the “Agnipath” Scheme by Farm Union Leader Rakesh Tikait

The 2020–21 Delhi protests against the since-repealed central farm laws gave Rakesh Tikait national notoriety.

The leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, Rakesh Tikait, has declared that on August 7, his farmers’ organization will launch a campaign against the new military recruitment program Agnipath being implemented by the Center.

Speaking to a group of farmers recently in the western Uttar Pradesh district of Baghpat, Mr. Tikait declared that the “fight with the Central government and the UP government” over the issue had yet to begin.

The BKU national spokesperson stated, “The campaign against the Agnipath scheme will start on August 7 and continue for over a week.” The spokesperson was pleading for the farming community’s support.

In addition, he claimed that following significant protests in recent years, old police cases against farmers were being reopened in an effort to intimidate them.

“The cases against BJP members were resolved when the state of Uttar Pradesh’s BJP government was established.

This means that either they should be ready for cases or we are prepared for a movement, according to Mr. Tikait.

“Those in Lucknow and Delhi should pay close attention to this,” he said.

“Political parties can be destroyed, and farmers’ groups’ leaders can be expelled, but the farmers themselves cannot be destroyed.

Farmers will protest against you (the two governments),” Mr. Tikait warned the audience of hundreds of farmers, while also bringing up issues with land acquisition, power rates, and unpaid sugarcane dues.

Throughout the Delhi demonstrations in 2020–21 against the since-repealed central farm laws, Mr. Tikait gained national notoriety.

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