Messages from Putin’s ex-wife reveal her discontent as first lady in the Navalny investigation.


Navalny Investigation: Putin’s Ex-Wife’s Messages Suggest Unhappiness as First Lady.

They claim that a film made by Alexei Navalny’s advisers reveals the ex-wife of the Russian president’s personal feelings, who is currently imprisoned for criticizing Vladimir Putin.

Russian elite corruption has been exposed in previous videos and reports by Navalny’s team.

Even though Navalny is currently serving a nine-year sentence, his team has kept working, as evidenced by their most recent publication, which they claim sheds light on the private and materialistic lives of Russia’s former first lady.

The investigation revealed that Lyudmila Putina, 64, who remarried after divorcing in 2013 and now goes by the last name of Ochertnaya, started an online journal seven years earlier, when her ex-husband was serving his second term in office.

The investigation team came to the conclusion that the biographical information posted on the LiveJournal blog that a user by the name of “Illenaa” had started in 2006 matched information that was already known to the public about Putin’s ex-wife.

For instance, both are from St. Louis and share the same birthday.

Petersburg, where they both studied philology. They have two daughters, one of whom is a dancer.

There are “very small details that completely rule out any coincidence,” the movie’s narrator claims.

Among them are claims that while visiting Hamburg, Germany, they both had white toy poodles and attended a strip show in the Reeperbahn neighborhood.

This corroborate a claim made in a book by a German journalist that Putin and some friends had once gone to an erotic show there.

The film reads passages from posts that illustrate the former first lady’s feelings about her position after establishing the journal’s credentials.

The journal, according to the narrator, revealed that Putina “is openly bored and has nothing to do,” as well as that she occasionally slept until five o’clock and tried fruitlessly to find a hobby.

The movie claims that the journal is “filled with pseudo-psychological online tests,” such as “What tattoo would work for you?,” “What your beauty looks like,” and “What kind of drink you are in sex.”

The narrator claims that a post titled “Mother Russia” from December 22, 2007, still resonates today.

There was a statement that read, “Some bastard wrote that a crisis awaits Russia…lies! Russia is waiting for a great future and prosperity.”

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