Resident Evil 7: Capcom knows that quality will be sold for many, many years


Even several years after the release of “Resident Evil 7”, the title is selling like hot cakes. One million copies are still shipped per year.

After games like “Resident Evil 5” and “Resident Evil 6” caused little enthusiasm among many fans, Capcom decided to go a slightly different way with “Resident Evil 7”. The makers relied on a fresh setting, put the focus back on the scary factor without neglecting the action too much, and optimized the game for the virtual reality headset PlayStation VR. Resident Evil 7″ quickly became a showcase project for this platform.

Still 1 million shipments per year

Overall, “Resident Evil 7” can be said to be of good quality, which is rewarded by gamers with plenty of purchases. Even if the game didn’t experience the immediate massive sales boost as in the case of its predecessors, the survival horror title was able to mobilize more than 8.5 million buyers in the longer term. And even four years after its release, the demand is unbroken.
Speaking to GamesIndustry, Antoine Molant, Capcom’s marketing director for EMEA and the UK, stressed that the game continues to sell over a million copies each year. Molant also spoke about Capcom’s overall sales outlook, saying the company believes quality games will enjoy commercial success over time.

“We know that quality sells, and it sells for many, many years,” he said. “We continue to see Resident Evil 7 selling over a million units a year worldwide almost four years after release. By planning much more long-term across different markets, we can take into account factors like platform sales, Black Friday, etc., which become increasingly important after the first 12 months.”


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