Russian mine-clearing equipment was destroyed by Ukraine, according to reports of a dozen casualties.


According to Ukraine, a dozen Russian mine-clearing vehicles were lost in battle.

The Russian UR-77 Meteorit, a mine-clearing vehicle that has reportedly been used by the Kremlin as a missile launcher in an offensive capacity, has reportedly been destroyed, according to the Ukrainian military.

Ukrainian forces have eliminated the Soviet-era deminer in the forest outside of the northeastern Kharkiv region, according to Operational Command South, a military formation that controls much of the country’s southern region.

The post comes in the wake of a number of recent boisterous declarations by Ukrainian officials boasting the destruction of Russian military hardware.

The command noted in the post that this was far from the first such trophy won by one of its fighters.

More than a dozen similar enemy vehicles have been taken in and destroyed since the start of the Russian occupation forces’ extensive invasion.

According to, the UR-77 Meteorit was created in the 1970s with the goal of preserving troop advancements through minefield clearance.

Two line charges by rocket are fired over minefields by the armored vehicle from a launcher mounted on the roof with the intention of detonating and clearing mines.

The UR-77 Meteorit opens up a 300-foot-long, 20-foot-wide path for advancing troops.

The Syrian government, which is allied with the Kremlin, used the UR-77 Meteorit against rebels in both the first and second wars against a Chechen uprising.

In the wake of Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea, the Kremlin is said to have also given it to separatists fighting against Ukraine.

According to a Russian military website, the vehicle, which is operated by a driver and commander-operator, can successfully complete a demining in a matter of minutes and recharge in just 30 to 40 minutes.

The post from Ukraine’s Operational Command South noted that this method isn’t frequently used in actual combat situations.

“A charge explosion does not completely ensure that the area has been demined.

Specifically, double-thrust mines or tension-action anti-personnel mines may not be damaged.

Additionally, mine detonators that use magnets and infrared technology don’t respond to blast waves.

The command went on to claim that Russian forces had attacked Ukrainian cities’ civilian infrastructure with the UR-77 Meteorit.

The command went on to claim that Ukrainian cities’ civilian infrastructure had been targeted by Russian forces using the UR-77 Meteorit.

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