Toddler killed when concrete truck crashes into family car after falling from overpass.


Toddler killed when concrete truck crashes into family car after falling from overpass.

Following an accident in which a concrete truck crashed through an overpass and crushed a family car, a toddler lost his life.

At about 2:30 p.m. local time on Friday, the incident happened close to Houston.

When it started to rain, the concrete mixer truck was reportedly traveling south on the Beltway 8 East highway. As a result, the big vehicle eventually lost control on the slick road and careened over the side in the Woodforest neighborhood of East Harris County, according to ABC 13 News.

The SUV was struck by the truck as it crossed an intersection.

A 54-year-old woman was operating the car, her daughter, 22, was sitting in the front passenger seat, and her daughter’s 22-month-old boy and girl twins were in the back.

According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, three of the SUV’s occupants were able to escape the wreckage with the assistance of witnesses who flocked to the scene. However, the male twin got stuck.

Despite everyone’s best efforts, the toddler was declared dead on the spot.

According to witness Raymond Romo, “the front seat was a little difficult to get to” when it came to his sister because “she was kind of pinned in, and I was reaching back,” ABC 13 reported.

We were actually able to remove the baby from the car seat before she was pinned inside when I began yanking on the seat for her.

A nearby hospital was visited by the driver, her daughter, and granddaughter to treat their minor wounds.

Public knowledge of their identities has not been made available.

Joe Tijerina, another observer who attempted to assist the family, continued, “We tried to do what we could.

“Everyone needed to come together to determine whether there is any way we can move the [concrete mixer].

An 18-wheeler tried to pull it off by attaching a chain to it.

We had a sizable dually four-by-four truck.

It just wasn’t moving, I guess.

The 36-year-old woman who was operating the concrete truck asserted that the slippery roads were to blame for the car’s loss of control after the vehicle slipped.

Lieutenant Simon Cheng of the Vehicular Crimes Division of the Harris County Sheriff has confirmed to the local media that the driver made no indications.

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