Using a helicopter as support, a YouTuber sets a new world record by performing 25 pull-ups.


Using a helicopter as support, a YouTuber sets a new world record by performing 25 pull-ups.

A Dutch fitness fanatic set a new world record while hanging from a helicopter for the most pull-ups performed in a minute.

According to a press release from GWR Stan Browney, who runs a YouTube channel with fellow athlete Arjen Albers, broke the record at the Hoevenen Airfield in Antwerp, Belgium, on July 6, 2022, for the most pull-ups finished in a minute while suspended from a helicopter.

Before attempting to break the ridiculous record, both athletes had spent weeks practicing.

Mr. Browney is a specialist in callisthenics, a group of gymnastic exercises designed to increase one’s physical fitness and grace of movement.

He did a fantastic job on the big day, according to GWR, setting the world record with a staggering 25 pull-ups.

The boys from @Browney compete to see who can complete the most pull-ups in a minute while hanging out of a helicopter, according to Guinness World Records, which posted a video of this world record-breaking feat on its YouTube account.

Who will be the winner of the record attempt?

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Additionally, the pair provided documentation of their planning and efforts as they guided viewers through the “craziest world record ever.”

On the big day, Roman Sahradyan of Armenia’s previous record of 23 pull-ups had to be beaten.

According to GWR, Mr. Albers went first, breaking the previous record by one pull-up with 24 pull-ups. Mr. Browney, who went second, took first place with an incredible total of 25 pull-ups.

Finding a helicopter to use as practice for the world record took the two athletes 15 days, according to GWR.

GWR claimed that Stan and Arjen tested their physical limits and the effectiveness of their rigorous training in the longest minute of their lives.


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