Watch: Anand Mahindra Is Shocked By Man’s Narrow Sidewalk Escape


Anand Mahindra Is Stunned After Man’s Precarious Sidewalk Escape

Anand Mahindra, a businessman known for sharing content that piques users’ interests, most recently shared the amazing video.

A man is seen crossing a street and then turning to face a stall.

The sidewalk he is standing on collapses into a drain as soon as he takes another step toward the shop.

Astonished by his narrow escape, the man freezes in place as shoppers rush out the door.

Anand Mahindra, an industrialist known for sharing content that sparks users’ interest, most recently shared the mind-blowing video.

“I’ll be attempting to decipher what message the Universe was trying to convey to this man over the course of the weekend.

When sharing the video on Friday, the Mahindra Group Chairman asked, “What would you be thinking if you were him?

The 30-second video was captured by CCTV outside a store.

I’m going to spend the weekend attempting to decipher what message the Universe was trying to convey through this man.

If you were him, what thoughts would you be having? pic.twitter.comU55PDCZPry

His 9.5 million fans, as usual, enjoyed themselves immensely trying to match his wit.

Please arrive immediately:)

One wrote: “Don’t be even a second late,” and another: “Or be a few minutes late.. either way, you’re saved.”

Another user said that the public should pressure the government to upgrade the infrastructure.

I’m considering mentioning this state’s (hashtag) chief minister.

What would the government have done if this man had been injured? (Hashtag)municipalcorporation(Hashtag)RoadSafety(Hashtag)luckyman


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