Years after a woman set herself on fire, a MP from Uttar Pradesh was exonerated of rape.


After a year, a woman in Uttar Pradesh had been cleared of rape.

In June 2019, one month after the woman had filed a case against the politician, the BSP leader turned himself in.

He’s been detained ever since.

Atul Rai, a legislator from Uttar Pradesh who has been detained since 2019, was today found not guilty of the rape charge by a Varanasi court.

However, he won’t be allowed to leave prison due to other unresolved cases against him.

On a Bahujan Samaj Party ticket, Atul Rai was elected as a Lok Sabha MP from Ghosi in the eastern part of the state.

After winning the 2019 presidential election, he had given up.

Atul Rai was charged with rape in 2019 by a 24-year-old woman from eastern Uttar Pradesh.

The woman reported that Atul Rai had sexually assaulted her at his Varanasi home in 2018 in her police complaint.

In August of last year, a week after she and her male friend set themselves on fire in front of the Supreme Court, she passed away in a hospital in Delhi.

Also passing away from burn injuries was the woman’s friend.

Before starting a fire, the woman and her friend recorded a Facebook Live video.

They claimed in the video that the police in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, where she had reported the incident had worked with the MP who was currently in jail and his family.

The two men claimed they didn’t anticipate justice.

In July, the Allahabad High Court denied Atul Rai’s bail request in this case because he is also a defendant in the abetment to suicide case that the Uttar Pradesh police filed in the matter.

Following the woman’s filing of a case against the politician in June 2019, the BSP leader turned himself in.

Since then, he’s been detained.

The woman was accused of forgery in Varanasi in November 2020 by Atul Rai’s brother.

In the same year, the Supreme Court approved Atul Rai’s request to swear an oath as a member of parliament while on parole.

His lawyer argued that he had not been sworn in since his election, and the Allahabad High Court agreed, granting him two days of parole in order to take the oath in parliament.


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