Apex Legends: Respawn bans over 2,000 cheaters – almost all of them played on PS4


As the developer of a popular Battle Royale game, Respawn has to deal with cheaters on a permanent basis. In order to climb a few rungs on the ladder, cheaters are always coming up with new tricks.

On July 29, the studio banned 2,086 accounts in Apex Legends that had taken to forcibly shutting down the game at the end of a lost match to avoid losing ranking points. This abuse allows players to keep their high rank status. Fortunately, Respawn has noticed this trend and is taking strict action against it.

A statistic from Conor Ford, who is responsible for Apex Legends security at Respawn, shows that the so-called “dashboarding” cheaters were mainly on the PS4. Of the 2,086 players, a full 1,965 were caught on the PlayStation 4. Only 62 played on Xbox, 44 on PC and 15 tried to cheat on Nintendo Switch.

Ford wrote that the ban also hit those who took advantage of a “matchmaking exploit that allows high-level players to farm in the Bronze lobbies.” He also explained right away what penalties now awaited the cheaters.

“These are matchmaking suspensions that vary in length depending on the extent of the abuse. It’s a shame to miss the start of a new season. Come back next time and enjoy the game as it should be.”

The war against cheaters in Apex Legends has been raging since the beginning of Apex. The battle royale was released on February 4, 2019, and is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and even Nintendo Switch.

In its release year, more than 16,000 cheaters were already banned within the first two weeks, while only a short time later 355,000 players were added through Easy Anti-Cheat on PC. This year, Respawn already had to settle with two Apex Predators who used DDoS attacks to gain an advantage.


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