Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends: The most important news from the EA Play Spotlight


The first EA Play Spotlight is over and there is new information about Battlefield 2042 and Apex Legends. We summarize the most important information for you.

Electronic Arts wasn’t part of E3 this year and is hosting five events of their own over the month of July. The first of them called “The Future of FPS” is over and there was new information about Apex Legends and the upcoming multiplayer shooter Battlefield 2042. Many or even exciting news about both titles were limited. Nevertheless, we’ll briefly summarize what was said about both games for you.

What kind of event was this?

“The Future of FPS” was the first of a total of five EA livestreams in July. Joining us were Oskar Gabrielson and Christian Grass, two general managers from Battlefield developer DICE, as well as Apex Legends game director Chad Grenier and Respawn CEO Vince Zampella. The event was moderated by IGN host Stella Chung, who led through the approximately 30-minute event.

What new info was there about Battlefield 2042?

There was surprisingly little info about the new Battlefield. Oskar Gabrielson and Christian Grass explained that DICE doesn’t want to show the Hazard Zone mode until “a few weeks before release.” On the other hand, at the EA Play Showcase on July 22, the still unknown and final mode is supposed to be revealed.

It is being developed by Ripple Effect Studios, which emerged from DICE LA. There has already been some speculation in the run-up and it is suspected that this could be a “Battlefield Hub”. In a conversation, Christian Grass explained that there will be some “fan favorited maps” in the new mode.

It is certain that the new mode will not be a Battle Royale or a level editor:

What there won’t be for now is a commander app: Christian Grass and Oskar Gabrielson were asked which feature they miss in Battlefield 2042. Both of them mentioned the commander app. With this, it was possible in Battlefield 4 via tablet and on the PC to deliver supplies, command a squad or command attacks from the air. Both joked during the show that it was a really “cool feature” and would fit in well with Battlefield 2042. So it’s quite possible that the Commander app in Battlefield 2042 will follow after launch.

New information about Battlefield 2042 will probably only be available at the EA Livestream on July 22. All previous information can be found in our Battlefield 2042 FAQ.

What new information is there about Apex Legends?

There was also some news about Apex Legends. The Arena mode, which was introduced with Season 9, will also be released as a Ranked mode in the next season. Despite the new mode, Apex Legends will always remain a Battle Royale at its core. It was also announced that the Respawn team is already working on several map updates that will be introduced in the following seasons.


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