Grassley was ridiculed for his complaint that he missed a family reunion and was advised to “retire.”


The response to Chuck Grassley’s criticism for missing a family reunion was “retire.”

Chuck Grassley, a Republican senator from Iowa, came under fire on Twitter after lamenting that he would have to miss the “Grassley family reunion” for the second year in a row due to Senate business.

The Democratic Senate Majority Leader from New York, Chuck Schumer, decided on a Senate schedule that will make him miss his family reunion for the second year in a row, according to Grassley, who tweeted the news on Friday.

The Inflation Reduction Act is anticipated to pass despite Republican opposition because of the Democratic Party’s unwavering support, according to the Iowa Republican, who claimed that he would need to stay in Washington, DC, to “fight” its passage instead.

Grassley tweeted, “Each December Schumer releases the Senate schedule I set the Grassley family reunion based on schedule.”

“I won’t be at reunion for the second year in a row because I’m in DC fighting the Democrats’ reckless tax and spend bill.

A Republican majority is necessary to have a reliable schedule and a responsible fiscal agenda.

The tweet received mostly unfavorable responses, with many people noting that many employees are frequently forced to miss family events due to work obligations.

The 88-year-old senator, who is up for reelection this year, has also received calls to step down from office.

Admiral Michael Franken, Grassley’s Democratic opponent in the November 8 election, tweeted that “Sen @ChuckGrassley tweets the people’s business keeps him from a family reunion.”

Try spending a year on deployment in hostile environments while conducting national business. What a travesty! The horror!

Try letting your four-year-old know you’ll see her after she graduates from kindergarten.

Attempt retiring.

According to author Emily Hauser, “I feel pretty confident that a large contingent of Iowans would be more than happy to free up @ChuckGrassley to plan and attend all the family reunions he can possibly stand.”

Political analyst Cheri Jacobs tweeted, “Seems like the job is a little too much for @chuckgrassley to handle.”

It’s time to put him to pasture.

Tweeted author Charlotte, “Sir, I could not give a damn about your vacation.”

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