Legal Analyst: Alex Jones Isn’t Leaving His Case, Making Him a “Martyr.”


Legal Analyst: Alex Jones Isn’t Leaving His Case, Making Him a “Martyr.”

A legal professional predicts that Infowars host Alex Jones will continue to be a well-known figure in the US because of his recent defamation trial and will be seen as a martyr.

Elliot Williams, a legal analyst for CNN, argued on Friday that the nearly (dollar)50 million in damages Jones was ordered to pay to the parents of a Sandy Hook school shooting victim in 2012 will contribute to a “martyrdom complex.”

This week, a judge ordered Jones to pay Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, whose six-year-old son Jesse Lewis was killed in the shooting, (dollar)4.1 million in compensatory damages as well as (dollar)45.2 million in punitive damages.

Jones admitted in court that the tragedy was real, despite his repeated false claims that the Sandy Hook shooting was staged and that those responsible were so-called “crisis actors.”

If there is “a risk that he becomes a political martyr” after the trial, CNN’s Laura Coates questioned a panel on Friday.

Alice Stewart, another contributor, asserted that Jones wouldn’t, but Williams disagreed.

Williams predicted that they might have a minor argument here for the first time tonight.

“No, I believe he turns into a martyr in this situation.

He’s already on Infowars this evening discussing this nonsense, and some people who are listening to it actually believe that he is some kind of hero.

“The deep state, the lefties, or whoever else is coming after you Americans, they are now taking (dollar)50 million away from Alex Jones,” he continued.

Therefore, I believe that the martyrdom complex is just getting started and that it will continue in full force for a long time.

In addition, Laura, as you noted, he continues to work from his platform.

In order to get a response, Newsweek contacted Infowars.

A jury in Austin, Texas, on Thursday ordered Jones to pay the late Jesse Lewis’ parents (dollars) 4.1 million in restitution. On Friday, the jury also awarded Jones (dollars) 45.2 million in punitive damages.

Jones addressed the situation in a video that was uploaded to Infowars on Thursday after the jury’s verdict and said he would likely find it difficult to pay the initial award.

“I’ll give a quick summary.


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