New XBox Series S to counter the PlayStation 5 Slim


Microsoft’s Xbox strategy for the next few years is only to counter new consoles from Sony, like the PlayStation 5 Slim, according to Youtube’s Tom N.. A look into the rumor mill!

We had already given you an insight into Sony Interactive Entertainment’s (SIE) theoretical hardware strategy a few days ago. Many gamers are justifiably asking themselves the question, should it all come to pass, how would Team Xbox react? Tom N., Youtuber with the channel “Moore’s Law id Dead” has his theories. We would like to inform you that these are speculations, not leaks or statements from Microsoft officials. If you don’t mind, we cordially invite you to read the next paragraphs:

More powerful “Xbox Series S Pro”

Many would think at first that Microsoft is trying to launch an even stronger Xbox Series X to gain graphical superiority over Sony’s PlayStation 5. But far from it – according to Tom N., Microsoft is primarily focused on the Xbox Series S. The system is a “scaled-down” version of the Xbox Series X without a drive and with the goal of 1080p or 1,440p image playback at 60fps – in some cases even at 120Hz. Microsoft is reportedly focusing primarily on an “Xbox Series S Pro,” which is as good a way as any to outgun a cheaper PlayStation 5.

Discount of the “Xbox Series S

The new system is based on the well-known AMD SoC, but is supposed to get a refresh to the new 6nm technology. The custom chip is supposed to have 24 instead of 20 compute units and achieve a performance increase of up to 50% compared to the currently available Xbox Series S with more shaders and a higher clock rate. Of course, this doesn’t reach the level of a PlayStation 5, but the gap will be smaller. The new Xbox Series S “Pro” would be around 50 Euros/$US more expensive in sales, the still available Xbox Series S could drop in price in parallel and be offered at 199 to 249 Euros/$US. Thus, access to the Xbox Series platform would be much more affordable than to the PlayStation 5.

New Xbox Series X Pro not until 2024?

It would be presumptuous to believe that Microsoft is not working on a “Pro variant” of the Xbox Series X. Of course, optimizations and adjustments are also planned for the current powerhouse. After all, the company from Redmond won’t let itself be robbed of the distinction of being the “world’s most powerful gaming console”.

As before, all speculation. Currently, Sony has the upper hand in next generation gaming with the PS5. According to analysts, the system sells at a factor of 2:1 compared to the Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft has to really buckle down with its hardware platform, Game Pass and the new games to catch up again.


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