Nintendo: Multiple Switch consoles are often purchased per family


The Nintendo Switch is on a real success course and cannot be stopped for the time being. The hybrid console recently surpassed the sales figures of the Nintendo 3DS, even though the Nintendo Switch is estimated to be only halfway through its life cycle.

According to Nintendo, one reason why the sales figures are so high is that multiple consoles are often purchased per family. As can be seen from the transcription of the Q&A on the occasion of the current quarterly figures of Nintendo, Nintendo has found out in a market research that 20 percent of the consoles sold in the period from October to December went to families in which there was already a Switch. They want to focus on continuing to increase sales by also rigorously meeting the demand for multiple consoles, according to Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa.

So Nintendo’s long-term strategy seems to be working here. Shortly after the launch of the Switch, it was stated that the goal was to sell one Nintendo Switch per person and not just per household.


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