Nintendo Switch: New Pokémon game announced for July


Pokémon fans will get their money’s worth on the Nintendo Switch in the coming months, as a remake of Pokémon Radiant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl is due in the fall, and then there will be a completely new game in the series in early 2022. But there’s more planned.

Pokémon Unite coming in July

We’ll be seeing Pokémon Unite on the Nintendo Switch as early as July. The game is being developed as a cross-platform title and is also supposed to come for smartphones. Here, however, the release is not scheduled until September. The game is free, but that only means one thing in this day and age: there are some in-app purchases.

PS: If you want to see gameplay from the game, then jump directly to minute 2 in the following video. At the beginning, there is only an animated trailer for the launch to see. Looks interesting, I will surely test it in July.



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