Philips Hue: Hue Bridge update for Matter compatibility coming


We reported earlier that the smart home standard formerly known as Project CHIP (Connected Home over IP) will now go by the name “Matter.” Matter, which was unveiled by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (formerly the Zigbee Alliance) on May 11, is a new, cross-industry standard that will enable smart devices to work together seamlessly.

As a standard, the whole thing is based on three technologies: Bluetooth LE for setup, Wi-Fi for use when high bandwidth is needed, such as streaming video through a camera, and the fledgling Thread protocol for, say, motion sensors and other low-bandwidth scenarios (we’ve mentioned Nanoleaf lamps, Eve hardware, and the HomePod mini as a border router a few times).

Matter is supposed to be the thing to watch out for later on if you want it to be as easy to use and compatible as possible. Signify, the umbrella brand behind Philips Hue, now announced that all existing and new Philips Hue smart bulbs, lights and accessories will be compatible with Matter via a software update for the Hue Bridge.

The update will ensure that Philips Hue users can connect to other smart home devices more easily. Since all previous settings and personalizations of all Philips Hue products will be preserved after the Matter update to the Hue Bridge, users will still be able to take advantage of the wide range of smart lighting features to customize their homes with lighting scenes, automated schedules, enhanced entertainment options and more.

Matter is expected to be launched by the Connectivity Standards Alliance in the fourth quarter of 2021. Shortly thereafter, the Hue Bridge software update will be available globally. The Hue bridge remains a prerequisite for using the devices that also now require a bridge. It continues to store scenes and more.



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