PS5 update: Beta program for new OS version started


Sony is now hosting an update beta test for all Playstation 5 users, where PS5 owners can test new operating system versions in advance and give feedback.

Many software products have a test phase before the release of a new final version. Now Sony invites all owners of a Playstation 5 to sign up for the beta program. Registered users can test upcoming operating system versions in advance and send feedback to Sony. Participants can reset the PS5 system software to the official version before the beta program ends.

These users can participate in the Playstation 5 beta program

The beta on new system versions is a closed beta, so Sony will decide which registered PS5 users get access to the preview version. All Playstation 5 owners who are at least 18 years old and live in the U.S., Canada, Japan, the U.K., Germany or France can participate. According to Sony, once registered, all PSN users will automatically be included in the pool for all future beta tests of PS5 system versions.

The competition from Microsoft has already been offering the so-called Xbox Insider Program for years. Registered Xbox console users can test new versions of the operating system including the Xbox Dashboard before the general release and send feedback to Microsoft. Microsoft offers different test channels, depending on whether you want to be among the first testers and accept more bugs for it, or whether you just want to test comparatively stable OS versions shortly before the release. The Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha preview rings each offer the possibility to test an Xbox update as early as possible, but can only be used by invitation from Microsoft. In the Beta and Delta preview channels, being part of the Insider Program determines whether you are part of these preview rings and you will then receive the updates already tested by the Alpha team. The last preview ring called Omega, on the other hand, is available to all registered Xbox Insiders.



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