PS5 vs. Xbox Series X/S: Sony was better prepared for the next-gen, says Remedy


According to Remedy Entertainment’s Thomas Puha, Sony was somewhat better prepared for the launch of the new console generation than Microsoft. At the same time, he talked about Microsoft’s decision to go for a two-console strategy.

While it was initially assumed before the launch of the new consoles that the Xbox Series X would have the edge in multiplatform titles due to the somewhat stronger hardware on paper, the opposite picture initially emerged after the market launch of the new consoles.

In some cases, the PlayStation 5 version had the better performance. Thomas Puha from Remedy Entertainment attributes this development to the fact that Sony was simply better prepared for the generation change than Microsoft. A factor that should not be underestimated is the tools, which remained largely the same at Sony and thus enabled developers to quickly familiarize themselves with the hardware of the PlayStation 5.

Xbox Series S may limit developers
“Sony has stuck with what works,” Puha said. “Their development software and tools were pretty stable and good very early on. Microsoft decided to change a lot of things that were probably good in the long run. But for us developers, of course, it was a bigger hurdle in the beginning,because we had to rewrite a bunch of different things to use certain features.” Another topic Puha talked about was Microsoft’s decision to release the Xbox Series S, a cheaper and correspondingly weaker version of the Xbox Series X.

To that end, Puha elaborated, “It’s no different than previous generations where the lowest spec system ends up dictating some of the things you do because they have to run on that system. The more hardware you have, the more you end up having to compromise a little bit if you’re a smaller studio like us and if you just can’t spend as much time making sure it runs super well on all platforms.”

After Remedy Entertainment most recently ported its in-house action title “Control” to the new console generation, the Finnish studio is currently working on several new projects at once. When the official unveiling of the next titles can be expected, however, has not been revealed yet.


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