Review of the 26.6 cu. ft. Hisense French door refrigerator.


Review of the Hisense 26.6 cubic foot French door refrigerator.

The Hisense 26.6 Cubic Foot French Door Refrigerator With Ice Maker is a stunning refrigerator that appears to be more expensive than it actually is. It has excellent features and is a great way to organize your kitchen.

The Hisense HRF266N6CSE refrigerator, which has a suggested retail price of (dollar)1,599, has been put to the test over the past few months.

I put this through its paces with two teenagers and a busy kitchen at home, and I immediately fell in love with its interior water dispenser, creative storage, and contemporary design.

Since then, the loosening door hinges in this model number have caused a recall.

The issue has been resolved, and the model name has been changed to HRF266N6CSE1 (also $1,599).

These refrigerators are identical in every other way.

A lot of storage is available inside the Hisense.

However, because the door handles are integrated, it doesn’t take up as much room as our old refrigerator did.


However, due to its integrated door handles, it doesn’t take up as much room as our old refrigerator.

Intelligent organization and modern design Water and ice without an exterior dispenser


displays fingerprintsFixed options for door storage

Invest at Lowes.

Utilizing the Hisense French Door Fridge

The annoyances that most refrigerators force their users to deal with on a daily basis are brilliantly accommodated by Hisense’s design.

I adore having this refrigerator in our house and adore using it.

The water dispenser starts quickly and stops right after you pull your glass away, which may seem like a minor detail, but it’s important.

Many refrigerators don’t stop sending water quickly enough, resulting in water on the ground, in drip trays, or on your clothing.

The water dispenser inside the Hisense is impressive and quick.

It can be awkward to fill larger items from the interior dispenser, even though it works great for cups.

Given that it is inside the refrigerator, this model’s front looks exceptionally clean.

Additionally, since the water and ice dispensers are not present, there is no need for additional storage in the refrigerator or door.

Three storage bins can now be placed on each door, freeing up a ton of space.

It would be convenient if the door storage could be raised or lowered.

Even with both French doors open, there is still plenty of room.

We were able to fit a large pizza box or charcuterie tray inside thanks to this.

All of the shelves are made of glass.

This serves as an overview.


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