WhatsApp makes clear: soon many users could be blocked


Soon, the deadline for the new WhatsApp guidelines will be upon us. Uncertainty is rising. What will happen to users who do not accept the precautions? Now there is a first insight into the plans that WhatsApp is pursuing after the ultimatum.

WhatsApp plans to gradually block users if they do not accept the messenger’s new guidelines. That’s according to an internal letter from the developer, which TechCrunch has obtained. In doing so, the company is likely following several steps to ensure that all WhatsApp users are sufficiently informed before the block goes into effect.

First, users will be notified within the messenger that they must accept the new policies if they want to use WhatsApp’s full functionality after May 15, 2021. If users still do not give their consent, the second phase will go into action. Then WhatsApp users will still be able to receive notifications and calls, but will not be able to write messages or read them themselves. So you will see that you have new messages, but you will not be able to access them.

During this phase, WhatsApp users’ accounts are treated as inactive. The messenger’s guidelines state that inactive accounts will be deleted after 120 days. According to the letter, this is exactly what will happen to users who do not accept the new guidelines. After that, there will be no access to the WhatsApp account at all.

So there is still a little time to adjust to the new guidelines and accept them. We have summarized what you should keep in mind in a detailed WhatsApp article. The deadline of the new guidelines should already take effect in February. After some criticism from WhatsApp users, the company has now set its sights on a date in May. There will probably be no further postponement.


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